How a 6-year-old Russian girl became Youtube’s most popular child star

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MOSCOW (BLOOMBERG) – In a video posted online in December, Anastasia Radzinskaya, a 6-year-old YouTube star who goes by Nastya, plays a tough-talking cop. At the start of the skit, the pixyish blond performer looks in the mirror and pulls on a police cap.

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I’m going to teach you a lesson, criminals,” she says, rapping a toy baton in the palm of her hand.

6-year-old Russian girl became Youtube’s most popular child star

For the next several minutes, she patrols a street, blowing a traffic whistle, brandishing her shiny police badge and sternly laying down the law. At one point, she pulls over a careless driver, played by her father and frequent co-star Yuri, who tries to connive his way out of trouble by slipping her a stack of bills.

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“A bribe!” she yells. “Go to jail, now!”

Since December, when the video first appeared on her Like Nastya YouTube channel in Nastya’s native Russian, the kid cop routine has generated more than 90 million views.

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