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Bafta TV Awards 2020: Delayed ceremony to go ahead behind closed doors

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This year’s Bafta TV Awards will be broadcast from behind closed doors after being delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Richard Ayoade will host Bafta TV Awards 2020

The honours are normally handed out at a glittering ceremony attended by the country’s biggest TV stars.

But this year, Richard Ayoade will host from a closed studio and winners will give acceptance speeches virtually.

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Winners Bafta Tv Awards 2019/Photo

The event had been due to take place on 17 May, but will now happen on 31 July. It will be broadcast on BBC One.

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The nominations will be announced next Thursday, and the qualification dates for those programmes has remained the same.

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In a statement, actor, presenter and writer Ayoade joked: “I am as surprised as you are that this is still going ahead.

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