The untold truth of Malika Haqq: She struggles with anxiety

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Malika Haqq may not be the biggest star in the entertainment industry but that doesn’t mean that the minor celeb isn’t wildly intriguing — because she definitely is.

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Our crowns may slip a tad but they never fall off,” Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Khloé Kardashian captioned a photo of herself and Haqq that she posted to Instagram in June of 2020.

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Along with two perfectly apt crown emojis, she also added the hashtags #Queens and #BFF. You may now be thinking to yourself: “Ooooh, that’s who Malika Haqq is!”

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Yes, she’s primarily known as the reality TV star’s best friend who occasionally pops up both on the show and in the celebrity’s social media posts. As you might expect from two such fabulous besties, sometimes the duo can be seen on vacation together, on adventures with each other, or even just using a filter together as BFFs sometimes do.

Malika Haqq
Source Instagram
Malika Haqq
Source Instagram
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However, there’s a lot more to Haqq than just her role as a “professional best friend.” From the complicated dynamics that make up her family to her other celebrity connections and surprising financial status, you’ll surely be captivated by these facts about Haqq.

Malika Haqq struggles with anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year,” reveals the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

The untold truth of Malika Haqq: She struggles with anxiety 1
Malika Haqq/Source Instagram

Malika Haqq is one of those people. The star opened up to Hollywood Life in 2019 about her struggles and how she copes, revealing she uses CBD oil, her diet, and exercise.

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In fact, she even promotes a specific brand of CBD aides. According to Hollywood Life, “beam [is] a Boston-based CBD wellness brand that uses organic, pharmaceutical grade, full-spectrum CBD products, 100% free of THC.”

Malika Haqq struggles with anxiety
Malika Haqq/

While taking to Instagram to share a (paid) post about beam, she noted that using the oil is her “favorite way to start the day.” Although she also seems to like the “Lavender & organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil salve.”

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Beyond that, when it comes to using exercise to deal with her anxiety, Haqq explained:

The untold truth of Malika Haqq: She struggles with anxiety 2
Malika Haqq with the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter/

I’ve always had a very small, petite frame, and I wasn’t working out because I wanted to lose weight, I was working out because it was good for me — mind, body, and soul. And having anxiety issues, working out is really good for you, to get your blood pumping.”

She added that it helps her “manage and control how [she] was dealing with stress.” Frankly, she says, “It did make me feel better about myself.”

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The untold truth of Malika Haqq: She struggles with anxiety 3

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