Reffen, Copenhagen

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Reffen is a organic street food market and urban area for start-ups, innovation and creativity in Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

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The weather forecast wasn’t looking great, but my friend and I were determined to visit Reffen, a food market set up like a little village on the other side of the water from Copenhagen city centre.Thankfully it didn’t rain on the day we visited – we even caught a bit of sun. It’s a short trip up with the bike/bus/water taxi from town – we went with the water taxi, which would be a great option for a sunny day.”-Jiji, blogger

Reffen, Copenhagen

To my knowledge, this place is one of the few Street food markets in Copenhagen (apart from the fancy Torvehallerne by Nørreport, which is dangerously close to my workplace…) As someone who used to work in a food stall in multiple food markets back in the UK, I’m a little surprised that there aren’t more of them in the capital here in Denmark. But I’m not complaining – the selection is good.” –Jiji, blogger

Reffen has a bit of a grungy vibe with lots of containers around…kind of reminds me of the Cargo project in Bristol (my favourite Harbourside eating area in Bristol basically)

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This photo says it all – everything is contactless and there are reminders everywhere to keep up hygiene.

I definitely don’t need to be told twice to get ice cream. The ice cream shop is called “BadHabits” by the way – very fitting.

Honestly, the ice cream here was really good.

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Outdoor stalls and seating around the food “village.”

Love how colourful everything is!

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More food, more containers…

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