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Kanye West is holed up in ‘super secure’ bunker at Wyoming ranch and ‘doesn’t trust’ wife Kim Kardashian or her family


KIM Kardashian has told friends she’s “living through the worst nightmare of her life” during husband Kanye West’s ‘bipolar episode’. 

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Kanye West is holed up in ‘super secure’ bunker at Wyoming ranch

The rapper Kanye West, who is running for US President, shocked fans last night by going on a Twitter rant accusing Kim and her mother Kris Jenner of “trying to lock him up” like horror film Get Out. 

He’d previously claimed that he stopped Kim aborting their daughter North, now 7, bursting into tears at a political rally and weeping “I almost killed my daughter”. 

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The rapper Kanye West‘s behaviour in recent weeks has raised concern that he is in the midst of a manic episode caused by his bipolar disorder – a condition he has spoken about publicly in the past.

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Now, insiders tell The Sun Online, Kanye has “holed up” at a “secure bunker” at his £11.82m ranch in Wyoming. 

“Kanye has a compound at the ranch in Wyoming. He’s had a lot of building work going on there and a lot of it is geared towards security. 

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“There’s an underground bunker, a panic room originally built for the family to go to in an emergency, stocked up with food.” 

Kanye’s surrounded himself with a small group of people he trusts, and he doesn’t trust Kim or her family.” 

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“He changed his Twitter and social media passwords last week to lock everyone out.”

He’s very paranoid and is convinced that he needs ‘protection’ from Kim and Kris – even though they’re only trying to help him.”

Kim says she’s living through the worst nightmare of her life right now,” says the insider. 

She’s furious about how this will affect their kids, and feels incredibly sad for North. For Kanye to bring that up, to say it in public without giving her the chance to add context or explain what was going on, is such a betrayal for her.”

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