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Kanye West To Not Appear On The Massachusetts Ballot, Missed The Deadline For Submitting Signatures

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There’s quite a lot happening around Kanye West and his controversial 2020 Presidential bid. After the accusation of having over 600 invalid signatures in his nomination petition, the latest reports claim that Kanye will not appear on the Massachusetts Presidential ballot this fall. Below are all the deets you would want to know about the same.

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Kanye West Missed The Deadline For Submitting Signatures

As per reports, according to the office of Secretary of States William Galvin rapper Kanye West who is running for the Presidents office, will not be appearing on the Massachusetts ballot this time around. Reports say that the rapper has missed the deadline.

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A candidate has to submit 5,000 signatures for the ballot. The deadline for Kanye was on Tuesday which the rapper has missed.

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As per Boston.com William Galvin’s spokesperson, Debra O’Malley said that no one even took out Kanye’s nomination papers. These paper include the name of the candidate. His Vice President’s name and the 11 electors from Massachusetts.

In other news, Scott Salmon has filed a complaint against Kanye West alleging that he got wrong signatures in his petition. Majority of the signatories are not even registered voters.

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Meanwhile, the rapper is also having a tough time in his personal life. Earlier this week we saw wife Kim Kardashian flying down to Wyoming, where she burst into tears while talking to Kanye West.

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The pictures indicated it to be a crisis talk. This came after Kanye talking about no so public things in public, including her abortion and his thoughts of getting divorced.


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Kanye West To Not Appear On The Massachusetts Ballot, Missed The Deadline For Submitting Signatures 3

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